Vinegar Kit for White Wine

Vinegar Kit for White Wine
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Making vinegar can be a rewarding hobby and you will appreciate the superb quality of the vinegar. The procedure for making vinegar can be applied to many choices of food products. Any fruit, grape, honey, sugar, molasses, even maple sap or syrup can be fermented to produce alcohol and then fermented again by acetobacter bacteria resulting in vinegar.

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If you prefer not to get involved in the fermentation process you can still make high grade gourmet vinegars by using already fermented products such as grape or fruit wines and bottled beers. The process is simple and requires only minutes to get started. Once your vinegar vat (a one gallon glass jar) is activated it will produce vinegar for as long as you supply left over wine.

This kit provides you with the secrets and special ingredients need to produce high quality wine vinegar. You will receive: an 8 oz. jar of active vinegar mother for either red or white wine; instructions for making homemade vinegar; a 3-inch length of wine barrel stave; 1oz. of wine barrel oak cubes; and a 6 ounce classic style vinegar serving cruet. You supply the wine and a one gallon wide mouth jar.

homemade malt vinegar with fries and homemade ketchup


Vinegar Making With Acetobacter is a Rewarding Hobby and You will Make Superb Homemade Vinegar.