Woozy Bottle Screw Caps black

Black Woozy Bottle Screw Caps
Item 2066

24 caps with liners for hot sauce bottles; the ribbed cap is a threaded closure with an uninterrupted spiral mechanism for easy seal and re-seal. The ribbed sided design provides easy gripping and a flat matte top for labeling. Fits both the 5 and 10 oz Woozy bottles.

2066Woozy Bottle Screw Caps black$4.9524 count
338910 oz Clear Woozy Condiment Bottles$14.95Case of 12
20645 oz. Clear Woozy Condiment Bottles$12.95Case of 12
2068Woozy Bottle Fitments$2.4524 count
3126Woozy Bottle Shrink Band Black$1.9550 count
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