Basic Wine Making Equipment

wine and barrel

The following describes the equipment required to prepare a Winexpert wine Kit. More details on how each piece of wine making equipment is used are given in other documents which explain the wine making process.

Required Wine Making Equipment:

• Eight gallon primary fermentation pail with airtight lid which is fitted with an airlock grommet.

• A six gallon Better Bottle or Glass Carboy, fitted with an airlock stopper.

• An airlock device to seal both the primary fermentation pail and carboy.

• Siphon hose setup for transferring wine (racking) from one fermentation vessel to another.

• A hydrometer to measure the fermentation progress and determine alcohol content.

• A long-handled spoon capable of being inserted into the carboy.

• Twenty-seven to thirty wine bottles.

• Thirty wine bottle corks.

• A corker to drive corks into the wine bottles

• A sanitizing chemical to clean and rinse all equipment. Everything that comes in contact with your juice or wine must be cleaned and as close to sanitary as possible.

*based on producing six gallons of homemade wine

Choose the right glass to use when service homemade wine

Wine Making

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