Why use Winexpert wine kits.

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There are two advantages to using a wine ingredient kit over starting with fresh grapes or fresh pressed grape juice; first is the quality of the grapes used. Winexpert purchases grapes in juice form based on strict quality guidelines. This is done by contracting a winery at the beginning of the growing season. Inferior grapes, those which fall short of the guidelines, cannot be shipped to the processing plant. The Winexpert quality control lab assures this.

Second, the juice in a kit has had most of the malic acid removed by cold precipitation, reducing the time required for malolactic fermentation. It is this fact that makes it possible to bottle the wine in only six weeks.

Malolactic fermentation refers to the biological process of converting harsh malic acid to the milder lactic acid. Malic acid is best described as sour green apple; not really a desirable trait in wine.

Why is it called a wine kit?

The term ‘kit’ is used because all of the ingredients are pre-measured and clearly marked in order of use.

The basic Winexpert wine kit includes:

• Large juice bag

• Packet of yeast

• Package #1 (Bentonite)

• Package #2 (Metabisulphite)

• Package #3 (Sorbate)

• Package #4 (Fining agent)

Some kits may also contain:

• Package of oak powder or chips

• Package Elderflowers

• F-Pack (smaller juice bag)

You should add all packages when directed in the kit instructions. If your kit contains more than one of a numbered packet, use all of them. Some wines require more of certain ingredients than others.

Your wine kit also may contain a smaller juice bag called the F-Pack. It is used in Stage 3 to add additional flavor and sweetness to certain wines. Store it in a cool dry place until needed.

Your kit will take between 4 and 6 weeks to produce wine that is ready to be bottled. This time frame is only a minimum guide line. If you need to leave the wine sitting for a few extra days during any stage, don’t worry about it. Just make sure the airlock is kept full of water and store the wine in a location with as constant a temperature as possible.

Note: Detailed explanations of each ingredient and piece of equipment will be given as they are used.

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