MiniJet Wine Filter Instructions

mini jet diagram

It is very important to follow these instructions. Once you have started filtering DO NOT filter more than 10 gallons or 50 liters of wine at a time. If you have additional wine to be filtered you must allow the motor to cool for 45 min. to 1 hour before recommencing filtration. Never let the pump run dry. Your homemade wine must be racked or decanted at least once prior to filtering.

NOTE: prior to filtering, rack your wine into a cleaned and sanitized container.

Instructions for use (read the filter pad directions and motor directions first).

Remove the pads from the package and place them in a clean container with enough fresh water to cover the pads and allow them to soak (approx. 5 min). Make sure pads are not bunched together while soaking, allow the water to saturate both sides of the 3 pads.

Attach the small diameter piece of hose supplied to the fitting located under the drip tray (A on diagram). This same hose is used for racking and cleaning your pump.

Loosen the two black hand wheels and remove the two central plates.

Remove the pads from the water and begin inserting them into the filter body. The course side will be facing the hand wheels and the holes will be aligned (See diagram). The pads have a tight fit. Make sure to press down on the pad so that both sides of the '1' are sitting on the two side bolts and the pad is straight along the top.

Place the pad into the filter body, next place one of the central filtering plates insert the second pad and the next plate in the same manner followed by the last pad. Once the pads and the plates are inserted all the pads and the plates should be even along the top.

NOTE: The pads are cut in a '1' formation with one side of the '1' higher than the other. The hooks on both sides of the filter plates also have the same offset. This allows you to insert the pads and plates properly.

Tighten the hand wheels to ensure a tight seal on the pads.

Insert the intake hose which contains a stainless steel wire and red anti-sediment tip to the inlet on the pump (8 on the diagram).

Insert the long slightly larger diameter out-take tube onto the exit nozzle (C on the diagram)

Place the intake tube into the wine to be filtered. Next place your out-take tube and the small tube attached to the drip tray into your container which will hold your filtered wine.

Upon commencing your filtration the wine will push out the water that remains in the pad via your out-take tube. Allow the water to flow out prior to placing the hose into the container which will hold your filtered wine.

If you desire, you may place the tube attached to the drip tray into a separate container and re-filter this wine at the end.

You are now ready to filter. Plug in the cord and turn on the switch located at the rear of the filter

The pump may initially be dry and will not draw the wine quickly. If this happens, force some wine using the intake tube, into the pump.

For your convenience, you may use the pump for racking. For set up, follow the same directions as suggested for cleaning your pump (bypassing the filter plates)

WARNING: this feature must not be used if there are solids in the wine (oak chips, elderberries etc...) Warranty will be void.

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