Maintenance and care of a minijet wine filter

mini jet diagram

When you have finished cleaning your pump it is important to keep your filter clean. Remove the short tube which had been placed on the fitting under the drip tray. Disconnect the short tube which leads from the pump to your first filtering plate and attach the drip tray tube to the outlet portion of the pump, leaving your intake tube connected to your pump. You now have a direct line through your pump, bypassing the filter plates.

Pump clean, cold water through your pump. Place your intake tube into approx. 15 liters or 3 gallons of clean water and your out-take tube in an empty container. Turn on the pump allowing the clean water to flush out the pump.

Unplug the motor and remove your filtering plates and hoses and clean. When cleaning your drip tray, be very careful. Do not allow any water to get into the motor section.

From time to time, place some petroleum jelly on the threaded portion of the two side bolts, keeping them lubricated

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