Preparing the wine making equipment for assembling a wine kit.

bottles and corker

The wine making equipment needed for step 1 is:

Primary Fermenter Pail with Lid



• One quart measure

• Optional Thermometer

The Primary Fermenter Pail is a 30 liter (7.9 gallon) food grade plastic bucket. The fitted lid snaps on and provides a tight seal. There is a rubber grommet in the lid which holds the airlock. The pail has volume indicators printed on the side. Locate the 23 liter mark. If you want you can use a small piece of tape to mark this level, be careful of markers as they can leave odors behind.

Tip: Use a rubber mallet to snap the lid into place, if it’s too hard to do with your hands.

The airlock is a device which allows pressurized gas to escape from a closed vessel while preventing air and airborne bacteria from entering the vessel. This one way valve uses gravity and water to protect the wine during fermentation. The unique three piece design provides for a greater volume of water and a reduced risk of the locking seal being broken by evaporation.

The Hydrometer is a scientific instrument used to measure the density of a liquid, called specific gravity, as it compares to plain water at 60°F. The hydrometer in this equipment set is capable of measuring three factors. All are merely different ways of describing specific gravity. The three scales on the paper inside the instrument are specific gravity, balling scale and potential alcohol. This last scale is the most misunderstood. It represents the potential for alcohol production in a perfect situation. Some new wine makers mistake this scale for an indication of the current alcohol content of the wine. The actual device used by home wine makers to measure the strength of finished wine is called a vinometer. We are only concerned with specific gravity.

Our Deluxe Wine Equipment includes a plastic spoon with a small flat paddle on the handle. This long device is designed with a purpose. Plastic is used because metal spoons can scratch the plastic pail or other vessels. The paddle end is used to stir the wine once it is in the carboy.

You may want to use a thermometer to test the temperature of the wine. The easiest method is to use a stick on tape liquid crystal monitoring device. When attaching a liquid crystal strip thermometer to the primary fermenter pail, DO NOT use the peel away adhesive tape. The life of the thermometer will be reduced if it is repeatedly soaked or shocked by hot water during cleaning. It is best to attach the device to a strip of aluminum foil. The thermometer can be affixed to either the primary fermenter or carboy by smearing a thin coat of Vaseline on the foil and then pressing the strip onto the vessel. It can be easily removed, wiped clean with a paper towel and protected for future use.

EZ Clean is the recommended cleanser designed for home wine makers. It is critical that anything which will come into contact with your wine be clean and sanitized. Follow the manufactures directions and prepare the above equipment.

Choose the right glass to use when service homemade wine

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