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Q: In your wine making starter kit, I was supplied with Easy Clean. Is this used for cleaning or sanitizing? Typically there is a difference between clean and sanitized. The booklet inside the kit (from LD Carlson) refers to the Easy Clean as a cleanser. Your Website states that Easy Clean sanitizes on contact, please advise.

A: It may be hard to believe but you have found a legal issue, not a wine making problem. The current labeling laws prohibit Easy Clean from being called a sanitizer. This is probably due to the legal definition of peroxide. Easy Clean is not a true sanitizer in this context. It is the surface drying process that actually doses the sanitizing. As Easy Clean evaporates, a microscopic layer of pure oxygen is left behind. It is the O2 that kills bacteria not the actual liquid solution. Used as directed, Easy Clean will perform as advertised on any clean surface.

Q: How would I know if my wine needs filtering after fining? The wine itself looks very nicely "clear" however when extracting a sample there appears to be minimal sediment still afloat and/or visible on the sides of the carboy scattered all of the way down to heavily deposited bottom and these lingering particles on the sides have not moved since the fining solution was added 14 days ago. When adding the fining agent, I stirred vigorously enough to form a vortex in the carboy that definitely got all particles back into the wine. Now I am unsure if I need to wait more or if this is as good as it gets without filtering, thoughts/suggestions?

A: It is common for wine to appear to have sediment in it after fining. This can be caused by static cling. Static in the wine can cause silt to cling to the wall of the carboy, making it look like the silt is still in suspension. The actual wine is clear. If the wine has been fined and de-gassed properly and allowed to rest for a day or two, there is no need to filter. Filtering is a matter of personal preference.

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