Wine is mostly water!

pouring wine

The juice in a wine ingredient kit has been concentrated in order to increase the viscosity and make it shelf stable without preservatives. The concentration method used only eliminates water. Minerals normally occurring in the juice remain intact. For this reason plain filtered drinking water should be used to bring the volume up to the 23 liter mark. DO NOT USE WELL WATER DUE TO EXCESSIVE MINERAL CONTENT. We recommend using bottled spring water or filtered tap water. The amount of water needed will depend on the wine kit being made.

As a rule; the degree of concentration used to package the wine kit will affect the life cycle of the finished wine. Kits which are more concentrated will mature more quickly and reach their peak flavor sooner. Less concentrated kits will mature more slowly and continue to improve and develop over years rather than months.

Choose the right glass to use when service homemade wine

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