Selecting Filter Pads

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The #1 filter pads are a coarse pad used mainly for heavy wines. These pads will produce minimal clarity for your wine. They are used as a first filtration to extract the larger suspended particles.

The #2 pads are finer and are used for brightening and polishing your wine. You should notice a brightness and clarity. These pads remove smaller suspended particles and are used for your second filtration.

If you prefer to further enhance your wine or if you plan on bottling use our #3 pads. These pads should only be used if your wine has been filtered with our #2 pads at least once. The #3 pads assist in removing a high percentage of yeast in the wine.

NOTE. One set of pads will effectively filter 23 liters (5 gallons) of wine. Remove the pads and replace with a new set after above mentioned quantity use. Discard filter pads after use.

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