Wine to wine kit comparison

red wine and grapes

Here is a list of wines we have been asked about and the wine kit most comperable. Barbaresco: Selection International Italian Montepulciano is a little bolder and our Italian Sangiovese (also Selection International) is a little lighter.

Barbera: Try our Italian Amarone

Bourgeron Blanc: Try the German Mosel Valley Gewurtztraminer

Cabernet Franc: We have several kits of Cabernet Sauvignon you may try, but unfortunately they won’t be the same as the Cabernet Franc. Or try our Cabernet Franc Ice Wine

New Zealand Sauvignon Blanc: Our Selection Original Sauvignon Blanc should substitute nicely.

Cavignac: Try the Selection International or World Vineyard French Cabernet/Sauvignon.

Chamblaise (Vintners Reserve): Try the Vintners Reserve Pinot Blanc.

Chardonnay by Banrock Station: The equivalent would be the Sonoma Dry Creek Valley Chardonnay.

Blush (Vintners Reserve), dry: Rather than leaving the F-pack out of out Vintner’s Reserve Blush to try to make it more dry, use our Vintners Reserve White Zinfandel without the F-Pack instead, it has a better flavor profile unsweetened than Blush does.

Ehrenfelser: This is a broad style that is usually quite zippy and tart. Your best bet is the Washington Columbia Valley Riesling as it’s got great grape character and nice zippiness.

French Burgundy: For a white you would use the Selection International French Chardonnay and for a red, Sonoma Valley Pinot Noir

Fumé Blanc: To create an equivalent, make a Selection Original Sauvignon Blanc. Finish it to the point where it is clear, stable and ready to bottle then rack it into a carboy with 60 grams of toasted oak. Wait two weeks and taste it.

Gamay: This is a grape variety (whose full name is Gamay Noir a Jus Blanc) used to make red wines. Our equivalent would be Vintners Reserve Bergamais

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