Where do wine kits come from?

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Quality makes all the difference. At Leeners we sell only the finest quality wine making kits from this world leading manufacturer. There is no reason for us to carry any other brand. From reading the side panels on wine kit boxes most people can see that kits contain concentrate, juice and other winemaking staples like acid and sulfite. However, just how these things came together to make your kit is fascinating.

Winexpert contracts to purchase grapes from winery vineyards, not food and juice growers by specifying conditions at harvest (acid, pH, brix, and color) and organoleptic qualities (flavor and aroma). These specifications tend to be very rigid, for although the grapes may change radically from harvest to harvest, the kits must maintain very high levels of consistency or consumers will be unable to make repeat purchasing decisions. When the grapes are ripe they are harvested and taken to a winery where they are sulfited and crushed.

After the quality control checks are passed, the juices and concentrates are blended into the formulations that make up the different kits in giant blending tanks. When the formulation is finally adjusted and approved, the must is pumped through the pasteurizer. The pasteurizer is a type of heat exchanger that rapidly heats and then cools the must, killing yeast and spoilage organisms without burning or caramelizing the must. From there it goes into the bag filler which purges the sterile bags with a double flush of nitrogen and then fills each bag.

The different wine kit groups:

SELECTION LIMITED EDITION: Due to the popularity of these wines and their limited availability they are only available for pre-order every fall. Quantities are limited and when they are gone, there gone for good.

SELECTION ESTATE VINEYARD: This premium wine kit line offers the absolute pinnacle of quality achievable with a home winemaking product. Each kit showcases juice sourced from a world renowned grape growing region.

SELECTION INTERNATIONAL: The International Series sources juice from the world's great wine producing nations bring you the finest the world has to offer and showcases the distinct styles that have made each region famous.

SELECTION ORIGINAL (NORTH AMERICAN): Designed to meet the expectations of the serious winemakers. They contain 100% pure varietals grape juice and concentrate, balanced for pH, acid and tannin. Creates a wine that is deep and full-bodied which develop with age.

SPECIALTY SWEET: Unique specialty wine kits which allow winemakers to create their very own ports, sherries, ice wines and even a special red dessert wine. All true to style in aromatic bouquets, sweetness and flavor.

VINTNERS RESERVE: The original 28-day wine kit standard for excellence. Kits contain 6 liters of varietals grape juice concentrate. All of the acids, pH, sugars and tannin levels have been perfectly balanced.

ISLAND MIST FRUIT WINE COOLERS: Distinctive beverage line of kits that combines the crisp freshness of varietals table wines with the full fruit flavors of wine coolers. The result is a refreshing alternative that’s unlike anything else.

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