Three Gallon Equipment Kit for Cider, Mead or Wine

Three Gallon Wine and Mead Equipment Kit
Item 2887

Provides all the equipment, chemical ingredients and yeast needed to produce three gallons of fruit wine from concentrate or fresh juice or three gallons of any style mead. We combine all the equipment in a single package to make 18 bottles of wine. You supply the fresh fruit, grape juice or honey. PACKAGE INCLUDES: winemaking chemicals & yeast, taster corks, easy clean, straining bag, air lock & stopper, primary fermenter, better bottle, siphon setup, bottle filler and hydrometer.

2887Three Gallon Equipment Kit for Cider, Mead or Wine$74.99Each

Product Specs

  • Makes 3 gallons
Choose the right glass to use when service homemade wine

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