Australian Cabernet Sauvignon Wine Kit

Australian Cabernet Sauvignon
Item 687

The bold, individualistic style of Australias winemakers has unleashed the full potential behind the king of red grapes, captured here in our Australian Cabernet Sauvignon. Combines forward fruit flavors of cherry, raspberry and black currant with a tremendous backing of tannin and structure. Rich and polished with a long, layered finish warmly accentuated with oak. Top off your bottles with quality corks and decorative shrink caps Kit Instructions Changes to WineXpert kit instructions for 2013

687Australian Cabernet Sauvignon Wine Kit$112.95Each
4143Cabernet Sauvignon Wine Labels$6.9530 count

This kit requires the use of a 6 gallon carboy. Makes approximately 27 - 750 ml bottles.

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