750ml Green Champagne Bottles

(750ml)Cork Finish Champagne Green
Item 1034

Champagne bottles are made with heavier glass to withstand the internal pressure of carbonation. We recommend that you use champagne stoppers and wires only for champagne and use crown caps (capper needed) or straight cork (corker needed) for other beverages. Case of 12, dimensions: 12 inches tall by 3-1/4 inches in diameter; capacity: 25.4 ounces.

1034750ml Green Champagne Bottles$15.99Case of 12
1035Champagne Bottle Stoppers (plastic)$17.25100 count
1038Champagne Wires$9.95100 count
1040Gold Champagne Foils$15.9550 count
1037Champagne Set of Corks, Wires & Gold Foils$9.3012 sets
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