Fruit Wine Base

Introducing Vintner's Best® Fruit Wine Bases. All natural and made with real fruit juice, these fruit wine bases are crafted from the same formulations used by commercial wineries. Vintner's Best® Fruit Wine Bases make five gallons of high quality fruit wine at 10% ABV. Extremely easy and convenient to make, requiring no PH adjustments and no acid adjustments. Simply dilute one gallon of Vintner's Best® Fruit Wine Base with four gallons of water, pitch a fruit wine yeast of your choice and stir! Vintner's Best® Fruit Wine Bases are a superior replacement for any fruit wine base on the market. Benefits – Shelf stable for up to one year, no refrigeration necessary. Scalable to any batch size 6-8 weeks to finished product. Pre-blended-no straining out fruit pieces. Re-sealable jug with tamper resistant seal.

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