750ml Screw-Top Green Bordeaux Bottles

(750ml) Screw Finish Bordeaux Green
Item 1020

Green wine bottles with a screw cap finish. Polyseal screw caps are an easy alternative to corks and allow you to store your bottles standing up or on their sides. Traditionally, green bottles are used for dark red wines among others to protect the wine from UV light that impacts storability and can cause a wine to oxidize pre-maturely. Case of 12 bottles, screw caps sold separately. Bottle dimensions: 11-1/2 inches tall by 3 inches in diameter. Capacity: 25.4 ounces. Other uses include storing vinegar, oil or cordials.

1020750ml Screw-Top Green Bordeaux Bottles$15.99Case of 12
1047Polyseal Screw Cap for Screw-Top Wine Bottles$4.9512 count
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