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The Vinometer measures alcohol content from 0 to 20% in DRY wines. It should be used after the fermentation process. This tool is an open, graduated glass tube with a small reservoir to hold the wine. Fill with a small amount of wine, place on a flat surface and drain; the alcohol concentration level is read in percent of alcohol. The level of liquid is determined by the affect alcohol has on the interfacial tension between water and glass and the opposing surface tension of water. The greater the alcohol, the less liquid capillary action and the lower it will sit in the vinometer’s tube. Sugar interferes with this process making the vinometer only useful for dry wines. It’s easiest to use with reds, when measuring white wine, the addition of red food coloring will allow a better visual.

918Vinpapers$9.9548 count

Does not require a testing jar.

Product Specs

  • 5 inch glass
Choose the right glass to use when service homemade wine

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