750ml Green Bordeaux Wine Bottles

(750ml) Cork Finish Bordeaux Green
Item 1016

Optima bottles are one of the most environmentally-friendly glass wine bottles on the market and provide significant energy savings without compromising the premium look and image of your wine packaging. Advanced lightweight glass technology delivers outstanding performance with less material. Glass is the only packaging material that will never alter the purity and flavor of your product and is made from 100% natural resources that can be recycled back into a food or beverage container. Finish your bottles with corks and decorative shrink caps.

1016750ml Green Bordeaux Wine Bottles$13.49Case of 12
1003#8 x 1¾” 1st Quality Wine Bottle Corks$4.9530 count
978Double Lever Wine Bottle Corker$27.95Each
972Portuguese Wine Bottle Floor Corker$58.99Each
Choose the right glass to use when service homemade wine

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