Vinland Wine Bottle Rack

Vinland Wine Bottle Rack
Item 1338

Vinland Wine Racks are made of solid wood for extra durability. They are modular for easy storage and shipping, and designed to be expandable as each size in the same family stacks easily on one another. Assembly of the wine racks is completed in two easy steps and requires only one Phillips head (Star) screwdriver and can be stacked if secured to wall. Racks will hold small and large bottles including champagne bottles. They can be left unfinished or stained/painted to suit your space. Available in 30, 42 or 120 bottle sizes.

1338Vinland Wine Bottle Rack$69.95Holds 42 bottles
1332Vinland Wine Bottle Rack$62.95Holds 30 bottles
1327Vinland Wine Bottle Rack$119.95Holds 120 bottles
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