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Cheese Making

Making Cheese is Easy When You Use Our Supplies and Methods.

You can make cheese with supermarket milk!

Making homemade cheese from either store bought or fresh raw milk is easy once you understand some simple cheese making principles. Most important of these is the fact that cheese making is NOT like cooking. Cheese making is chemistry; it comes about through the controlled interactions of dairy cultures and chemicals called enzymes. The cheese recipes, dairy ingredients and instructions we have presented here are designed for the home cheese maker and will teach you everything you need to know to make your own cheese using the same process as a real creamery. A simple cream cheese spread can be made overnight, yogurt with great health benefits can be ready the same day and with a little practice you will be making homemade cheeses like cheddar, blue and Colby. Cheese is composed of the coagulated protein and fat in the milk collected from dairy animals. Like most good and useful things, the mother of all cheeses is probably necessity. The actual invention of cheese as we know it today evolved over centuries of discovery brought about by circumstance or what I call good luck. It has been a long journey from that first bowl of curdled milk to the unique flavor and texture of nine year old cheddar.