homebrewed beer with malted grains and hop flowers

Home Beer Brewing

Brewing beer is an American Tradition.


How to Brew the Beer You Love to Drink.

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  When it comes to homebrewing, you can make it as simple or as complex as you want and still brew great beer. You should understand why making beer is different than making homemade wine. Beer is manufactured, meaning that the process is just as important as the quality of the ingredients.

Home Beer Brewing Kits and Supplies

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Leeners Beer Recipe Collection.

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A beer recipe is not just a list of ingredients to be stirred together like baking a cake. The brewing process and the unlimited ways of applying them are as important to the flavor and texture of the finish beer as the number of ingredients used.


YMK Easy Framboise
This recipe combines wheat beer with fresh puree of raspberries to make a summer time favorite.
YMK American Wheat
This homebrew is a North American version of German wheat beers. It has the flavor of noble hops, but balances the tastes of fermented wheat and barley.
YMK Blackberry Wheat
By adding the pure fruit puree to the secondary, the beer will be well balanced and the fresh flavor of blackberries is allowed to shine.
YMK Slam Atoms
The beer that started Leeners. This recipe is taken from the Cooper’s collection.
YMK Frosters
This recipe has the true Australian malt and Tasmanians hops that makes it distinctive.
YMK Cerveza
The beers of Mexico have their origins in the German brewing tradition with light and refreshing benefits of ingredients like rice and corn.
YMK Bud Lite
This light beer recipe captures all the light and refreshing character of this Northern American original beer style.
YMK Oktoberfest
The robust nature of this traditional end of summer celebration beer means you will need more than one batch.
YMK Pilsner
The crisp character of German pilsner with the added lightness of American lager is possible with this no boil homebrew recipe.
Nut Brown Braggot
Braggot is a strong beer made with honey as a major part of the fermentable sugars. Uses hopped malt extract to make a sweet style mead.
All Grain Scotch Ale
A homebrewed scotch ale recipe for all grain brewers. This recipe was inspired by Liberty Brewing Company’s house ale, called Dragon Slayer.
Chocolate Stout Pudding
Recipe for a chocolate pudding dessert made with Stout beer.
White House Honey Ale
Presidential homebrew recipe brewed by the White House kitchen staff at the President’s request; available in kit form.
White House Honey Porter
Homebrew recipe prepared by the White House kitchen staff at the request of the President.
YMK Irish Dry Stout
Leeners YMK recipe for traditional Irish Dry Stout.
YMK Queen Elizabeth Amber Ale
Leeners YMK recipe celebrating Queen Elizabeth's 86th birthday. Make this beer on her birthday in April and it's ready to drink for the June celebration.
Hard Lemonade
Our version of Hard Lemonade. You can use frozen concentrate or fresh juice. Perfect for summer.