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Complete Home Wine Making Kits and Supplies for the Beginner and Advanced Wine Maker

Home Wine Making Supplies

Welcome to Leeners Wine Making Shop! We carry the best wine making kits and supplies for beginning and advanced wine makers. The personal wine making hobby is growing daily as more people discover the enjoyable rewards of making their own. Wine making is both a hobby and a life style, one leads to the other. The rewards are more than a great glass of wine. As a home wine maker, you become a member of a growing set of people who are enjoying an enhanced quality of life through the friendships that form between wine makers. Many first-time wine makers are joining with friends to form an informal club of individuals who share in the expense and work then, share the results. When you consider that a single six gallon batch of wine juice will yield about 27 full size bottles of finished wine, you can be assured of enough to go around.